Celebrating Dads!

June 11, 2018

“As parents, we want to provide our offspring with what we didn't have growing up. I was fortunate to have an amazing upbringing and I (now) know how much my folks had to sacrifice to make my dream a reality. I think my job as a father is whole, the day I am a grandfather and my son expresses the same aforementioned feelings about parenting... or when he chooses to move out of the basement and find a job.”

- Barry w/ Hudson
“My fav thing about being a dad is being somone's superhero. To her I have superpowers like making pancakes and driving the car, and I always get to come to the rescue when times get tough. I also get great joy watching her grow and learn, and doing things for the first time. Learning to walk, learning to draw, riding a bike and so many more to come. And I'm not gonna lie, I like being able to order off the kids menu!”

- Stephen w/ Grace
“The most rewarding times of fatherhood are freestyling in car rides, and him trying to follow/mimic the flow. Tickling him to breathlessness is also up there. Lastly though, but easily the best is simply those instances where you see yourself within him. When your son is the mirror that reflects your youthful, innocent self back to you and reminds you where you’ve come from. With that, you can see clearly where exactly you’re headed. As old as I get, I don’t think that ever will!”

- Cory w/ Brooklyn