An Ode to Moving Different

September 02, 2018

On Friday, I sat down to write this article. I wanted to say something profound about movement and transition, end with a little plug about my Kickstarter campaign, and be on my way. Instead, I sat alone eating a slice of pizza the size of my head. At 11:08 pm I tucked myself away into the corner of Artichoke Pizza on N7th, scribbling into my notebook, ‘What does movement mean to you? And why do you move?” To me, movement isn’t just about a physical practice, it’s never been much about fitness and these days, even as a dancer, I find myself less and less obsessed with the aesthetics or the expression of a story, rather by how it feels to move in our own body, emotionally and spiritually how we connect with our movement practice and the perspectives it offers us. I suppose movement takes on the context of our day to day. At different points in our lives, it assumes a new role. As I take my last few bites, I crumple my paper plate, sweep the crumbs into my napkin, and head out into the night. The air is crisp, a much needed break from the humid heat that had just passed, Summer still trying to cling onto our skin, reminding us that it is still here. The seasons know that transition is inevitable. 


Saturday morning, I wake up to a notebook full of ideas as all over the place as my mind. I am overwhelmed with all the transitions of my life. Right now I am working on a Kickstarter for the biggest project I’ve ever worked on. In October I launch this project. 1 week later I move out of NY and head to Copenhagen. I get asked the question , “What’s next?” quite often. I ask myself the same thing. I do not know. However, I find myself in an interesting space, an opportunity to mindfully consider how I will move through and approach this next chapter of my life. I find it important to take moments like these to think about our intentions. How do we move through life? Is it dictated by a prescribed routine, how things should be, like a carefully planned out diet or work out a plan given to you by your trainer, or are you taking the time to explore, question, play, and find out for yourself, the root and the path of your choices. How you connect with your own body, your own goals and visions, and really moving in ways physically and through your actions day to day to meet these intentions. 


It’s 2 am, I am still writing. I was hoping to draw some parallel between our physical movement practice and a much more conceptual one.


Thinking back to how the concept and idea of movement have changed in my life, from an athlete to a dancer and now to something way more general, an exploration of movement as something intersectional, holistic, and expansive, I keep thinking how movement is a perspective. It's something that is often expressed or experienced physically, but what I want to highlight is how it affects the way we see the world around us because movement is ultimately our greatest teacher. 


As we take walks, we're often left with a sense of clarity, as if we have also walked through our thoughts. As we travel, we begin to experience new people, cultures, and ideas. As we move through our workouts, our yoga practices, or acrobatics explorations, we're forced often to face the hard realities of our body, we problem solve, we breathe into our pain and often come out a stronger human. As we move through our lives as entrepreneurs, we are faced with hard choices. Movement in this way is not just a word with many applications, but one that is, if given a moment to reflect on, an integrated part of us as humans, growing, developing, and learning. 


It's 7 am, I did go to sleep. 

The air is crisp, the seasons turning the corner, Summer to Fall, back and forth, until the first gives way to the later. As I sheepishly finish this piece, I keep thinking, as the final months of the year take into the effect... 

how will you move? 




Our latest guest blog contribution is from Kenta-Thomas Naoi. Kenta is an interdisciplinary designer and mover originally from the Bay, who currently lives in Brooklyn NY. For him movement is human. His movement practice is often about developing flow, mobility and perspective, how do you move in different ways, who are you as a mover ... why do you move? Recently he launched a Kickstarter for an interactive movement pop up, marking his first steps toward the kind of work he's been wanting to create with the community, intersecting his love for design, movement, and storytelling.