Moon Collective

November 28, 2017

Moon Collective for Seldom Seen



What is the meaning of Psychedelic Research?

Psychedelic Research Team is a phrase we use to describe our Moon Collective team. one perspective is experimenting with psychedelics in order to achieve a certain degree of manifestation. On the other hand, psychedelic research can be perceived as spending time in solitude away from technology and the everyday noise. Time to reflect.



There is a lot of messaging about self discovery and being true to yourself. Where did this idea come from and how is it significant to you?

Moon Collective mirrors my personal journey as an artist and I hope to inspire others to create work that reflects who they are. The creatives behind Moon also bring new elements that have played an important role in the formation of the brand's identity, sharing their stories as well.

I think because I'm still in the process of discovering more about myself, Moon will always be an on-going journal of my life and our journey.

What is it about California and Hawaii that inspires you?

For me the Bay Area and Honolulu both have strong senses of community and a connection to nature. I created Moon Collective with friends in both these locations. I consider both my home and will do my best to represent these beautiful places and the people from there.


Future plans for Moon Collective?

In our immediate future, our goal is to try to create a brand that is more conscious about the materials we use and how we package our physical items. It's been my personal goal to create a product with close to no waste, from the shirts we use to the plastics we ship our items with.

From a creative perspective, we hope to integrate more art into our releases and to share consistent meaningful content. We hope to collaborate with friends to develop shorts and stories about our voice.

Thank you Seldom Seen for hosting our pop up and taking the time to hear our story.