An Interview with Petaluma & Co.

Petaluma & Co. is a San Francisco Based K-beauty online store and lifestyle company. We recently sat down with the founder, Sophie Song-Fang, to learn about the company and why K-beauty is quickly becoming one of the biggest beauty movements in the U.S.

How’d you come up with starting Petaluma & Co.?

I started Petaluma & Co. because I wanted to build a destination where people could come to learn about Korean products and general good skincare habits. There’s a segment of people who have limited knowledge about skincare or and held the misconception that proper skincare is only for those who wear makeup or for those with aging skin. We currently carry curated sheet masks for all skin types. Our plan is to expand our line into organic skincare products this year.

Tell us about K-beauty.

K-beauty stands for Korean beauty. Korean women have a very high standard for beauty products which drives beauty companies to innovate with new ingredients and formulas.

Snail slime and fermented flowers are just some of the innovative ingredients that have been tested and proven to help key, problem areas of skin care.

For Korean women, the ultimate goal is to achieve a strong foundation of healthy, dewy, natural-looking skin which results in the need for very little makeup. In addition to the innovative products, Korean women have developed skincare regimens that have become famous worldwide. There are seven, ten and as many as 21 step routines for taking care of your skin. It may sound daunting, but these regimens embody the principle that by investing and nourishing your skin every day, your skin will glow and reflect the time and care you’ve invested into it.  

You have beautiful skin! Can you take us through your skincare routine?

I love winding down the night with this routine. First I start by lighting a candle to help calm my mood.  It’s a moment where I can truly focus on myself. I use a cleansing oil to remove my makeup first (if I wore makeup at all that day). I usually don’t wear makeup because I like to let my skin “breath” in its natural state. I massage the makeup away by using various massage techniques on my face. Then, I wipe the oil off with a cloth. Next, I wash my face with a foam cleanser. I’m all about being gentle on my skin so even while I wash my face, I try not to rub my skin too much. After I’m done, I apply a toner. I always use an alcohol-free toner. Afterwards, I use essence to prep my skin for the next step of the routine. Essence is similar to toner but it helps my skin become a little more absorbent. Afterwards, I use a serum- one of the core steps that helps me address my skincare problems. For me, I like to switch between serums that is geared towards anti-aging and hyperpigmentation. Afterwards, I apply eye cream, a sheet mask of my choice, and seal it all in with a moisturizer. I always look forward to my nightly routine because it’s the perfect way to end a long day or weekend.

What do you think is the next innovation in k-beauty?

I think affordable In-home spa treatments are going to be big as the interest for self-care skincare lifestyle becomes more popular.

To learn more about K-beauty, join us for a special in-store pop-up with Sophie Song-Fang of Petaluma & Co.

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