Slow Down

It’s ok to slow down when everyone else around you is sprinting.  Just a month ago, we started a new year and everyone around me was excited to set goals and create intentions for 2017.  And then there was me.  I was feeling the complete opposite.  I was still processing the energy from the holidays and feeling exhausted and a bit run-down.  I felt the pressure to move forward into the new year with purpose but simultaneously wasn’t feeling motivated or excited. As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that the best thing to do when I’m in this state is to pause and just feel.  My instinct is to fix and find the answer to questions like why I’m feeling like this, what’s wrong with me, what do I need to get motivated.  But what I’ve learned is that I actually need to do the opposite and I’ve been practicing and learning how to do this.  In this particular situation, a couple of things worked for me.

1) I shared my feelings with trusted friends, and allowed myself to be vulnerable. I’m not asking for anyone to “fix me”, but speaking out loud helps me clear the energy out of my body.  Have a friend, family member, mentor, someone that loves you for you and wants you to succeed listen to you.  

2) I love to journal when I’m stuck.  I write without any intention and just allow the words to flow onto paper.  I don’t worry about grammar or how pretty or not so pretty my handwriting is.  It gives me space to explore my feelings and dig a little bit deeper.  Treat yourself to a journal, light a candle and see where journaling takes you.

3) SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP  Everyone has different sleep needs and in the past, 6-7 hours of sleep was good enough.  But as my life transitioned from working for a corporation to working for myself, other areas in my life had to shift with me and allowing myself 8-9 hours of sleep in the last 6 months has made a huge impact on me. Create space in your life to get the sleep you need to perform at your best.  For Christmas, I received a sound machine and it was a game changer.  Pick one up and see if it helps you get quality sleep. It’s now at the end of January and with the help of friends, my journal and sleep, I was able to slow down and give myself space to feel.  And as I start the 2nd month of the year,  I’m feeling reenergized and ready to start running again.

- Natasha